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Project Name:

Youth Development through Football

Target Groups:

Girls and boys aged 12-25 years, mainly from disadvantaged areas in South Africa.


Non-governmental and governmental institutions and organisations on national and provincial level in South Africa and other African countries use the social and
educational potential of football (and sport in general) for the development of children and youths.



Using football as a tool Youth Development through Football (YDF) strives to overcome discrimination, improve health and combat disease, promote gender equality, fight violence and secure environmental sustainability. Thus, the project contributes actively and sustainably to achieving the Millennium Development Goals.


YDF fosters youth development and peace with the emphasis on mutual understanding, fairness and tolerance, using football as a catalyst. To reach this target, YDF supports existing youth development initiatives and assists in establishing new ones in up to 10 African countries. It combines football education and training with development measures for thousands of young people.

The Project

Just like in any other region of the world, girls and boys from disadvantaged communities face complex problems in South Africa. They often come from difficult social backgrounds with many families living below the poverty threshold. Due to poor education, many youths lack skills making it difficult for them to find employment. They are exposed to health risks, alcoholism and drugs. Girls and young women especially face violence and crime, more than a few are discriminated and excluded from social life. This is where Youth Development through Football (YDF)


Contact information
Mr Mark Tommy
Sport Manager: Football & Chess
Tel: 041 504 2158

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